The professionel Order of Angolan Veterinarians leads an 2015 event against rabies, using GARC´s education materials, in colaboration with the Angolan Institute of Veterinarian Services and the Administration of Luanda.

This event includes education about rabies, vaccination of pets and capture of dogs.

In Luanda it has been already vaccinated more than 230.000 pets (mainly dogs, cats and monkeys), and other 238.345 in the rest of Angola, this is around 78% of dogs of Luanda (capital) and around 50% of the dogs of the rest of the Angolan provinces.

The education has already covered around 770 students from Faculties of Health whose are voluntiers to teach children, 3.764 teachers and we want to achieve more than 150.000 students in this period (until know we´ve already formed 1.943 students in Luanda, Huambo and Huila), and 178 nurses from all the 18 provinces of Angola (course).

Until now the administration of Luanda has already captured more than 1.700 dogs from the streets.

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