Rabies Campaign 20th of October 2022, China Hosted by CBCGDF

                                                                    The objective of the event

The Rabies Prevention and Education Webinar “Embrace & Inspire” will present speakers from different backgrounds (researchers, veterinarians, WHO representatives, hospital nurses, school teachers, and parents) who will “Embrace” the fight against rabies by talking about their daily work and research on the subject in order to “Inspire” others to do the same.

The webinar will be divided into two parts:
- Part 1 - Professional Engagement. Different professionals such as university professors, CDC researchers, WHO, companies, and NGO representatives will talk about their work on rabies prevention.
- Part 2 - Community Engagement. Veterinarians, school teachers, companies, and parents will talk about how, in their everyday life, to educate the public on rabies prevention. They will show that you do not need to be a scientist to work to protect your animals and the people around you from rabies. Useful information such as “what to do and where to go if a dog bites you” will be delivered by a hospital representative.

3:00 PM: Dr. Sara Platto (moderator), professor of animal behavior and welfare at the College of Life Sciences, Jianghan University (Wuhan) will introduce the objective of the event, explaining what is “World Rabies Days”, when it was set up, and why is celebrated on 28th of September each year. Dr. Platto will then introduce the speakers.

3:05-3:10 Dr. Jinfeng Zhou will greet all the speakers and give his thoughts about rabies prevention and education.

                                                                           Professionals Engagement

3:10 - 3:25: Dr. Rachel Tidman, Global Rabies Coordinator, World Organization Animal Health (WOAH -OIE). The speaker will introduce the steps a country needs to take in order to become a “free rabies country”.

3:25-3:40: Dr. Katrin Bote, veterinarian, and technical officer at the Department for the Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). The speaker will introduce what it needs to be done when a dog bites a person from a legislative point of view. Examples from other countries.

3:40- 3:55: Dr. Simona Normando (Padova University). The speaker will talk about dog aggressive behaviors and dog bites, and what to do to control them.

3:55-4:10: Dr. Zeng Zheng (Chongqing CDC). The speaker will talk about rabies monitoring and prevention at Chongqing CDC.

4:10-4:25: Boehringer-Ingelheim representative. The speaker will talk about Pharmaceutical companies' engagement in rabies prevention and education.

4:25- 4:40: Dr. Terence Scott (GARC). The speaker will present all the tools of GARC (Global Alliance for Rabies Control) for Rabies Monitoring and Education.

                                                                               End of the first part
                                                             Q&A (10 minutes of questions and answers)

                                                                          Community Engagement

5:00- 5:10: CBCGDF (China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation) representative. The speaker will talk about the engagement of the foundation in Rabies education and prevention among communities in China with the work of their volunteer groups.

5:10- 5:20: Ms. Yan Jin (head of nurses at Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan). The speaker will give information regarding the steps a person bit by a dog should take, and where she/he should have the rabies vaccinations.

5:20-5:30: Rong Rong Xu, Marketing Director of RuiPai Veterinary Hospitals, China. The speaker will talk about the engagement of veterinary hospitals in rabies prevention and education in China.

5:30-5:45: Miss Yang (Fashion Design teacher at WYIS school - Wuhan)
                 Ms. Grace Cong (Art teacher)
                 Mrs. Hou BinNa (CEO of  INFUNA clothing factory - Wuhan). The speakers will talk about how a school, an art teacher, and a company have collaborated to develop rabies education with art. Presentation of pictures of the “Animals Are” clothing collection.

5:45-5:50: Ms. Daisy (school teacher): the speaker will present how to engage a community with families and children in rabies prevention and animal protection.

                                                                                   End of the second part
                                                                 Q&A (10 minutes of questions and answers)

6:00: Dr. Platto will close the event.