Jen Jen Yu + Cameron Nicholls

The Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine is part of the University of Glasgow. IBAHCM members will be marking World Rabies Day 2020 on Sunday 27th September.

We are passionate about raising awareness of rabies, that sadly still kills ~ 59,000 people every year. This year we had planned to join together in the Trossachs area and participate in a combination of the following:

59km bike ride (every 1m cycled represents 1 person dying from rabies each year)

5.9km run/walk (every 1m walked/run represents 10 people dying from rabies each year)

590m swim (every 1m swum represents 100 people dying from rabies each year)

Sadly, due to COVID restrictions we had to cancel our event. However, individually staff and students marked the day and completed various activities. 

Jen Jen Yu                                     mini triathlon                                                      Trossachs
Jennika Virhia + dog simba            5.9km walk                                                        Pollock Park
Kathrin Loosli                                 5km walk                                                           Glasgow West end/Maryhill
John Claxton                                  walk                                                                   Scald Law, Pentland Hills
Sarah Cleaveland                          cycle and swim                                                  Aberfoyle
Roman Biek                                   5.9km run                                                          Glasgow West end/Maryhill
Paul Johnson                                 5900m rowing                                                    River Clyde
Anna Czupryna + dog                    3.6km every day 17-28 Sep (360 challenge)     Tanzania
Crinan Jarrett + dog Myrtle            5.9km run                                                           Eskrigg Nature Reserve, Lockerbie

Well done to everyone who got involved!


Event images

Jen Jen Yu + Cameron Nicholls
Jen Jen Yu + Cameron Nicholls
Jen Jen Yu
Anna Czupryna
Anna Czupryna
Crinan Jarrett
John Claxton
Kathrin Loosli and Danko Alorvor
Kirstyn Brunker
Kirstyn Brunker
Paul Jonson
Paul Jonson
Roman Biek
Sarah Cleveland