Hand bill for the event.

Rabies though fatal can be preventable. Educate, vaccinate and eliminate, this is the strategy of zero by 30. Zero rabies by 30, meaning by 2030 no more rabies. This is very achievable, vaccinate your pets and learn all the facts about rabies.

 Children are most prone to rabies because of their love for dogs and cats,learn how to prevent dog bites ans scratches in children. What to do in case of a bite? Wash area with detergent under running water, clean area  with alcohol. Go to the hospital for medical care.

The Lagos State Government is rolling out a free vaccination programme, get your dogs, cats and monkeys vaccinated. The Animal hospital Agege gave out activity books, comics and game boards to make learning about rabies fun.





Event images

Short talk on rabies at Animal Hospital,Agege.
Q and A session at the lecture.
Rabies lecture by a medical doctor.
Speakers at the event.
MC of the event.
Game board given to school pupils.
Front page of activity color book given to students for rabies awareness.