Onaara local government area is an agrarian locality with many indigenous breeds of dogs as security and guard dogs for both humans, materials and farm animals.

The harsh economic downturns of Nigeria national economy and the tense security situation makes logjam in giving direct advice to those have not to stop keeping dogs they could not cater for especially when it comes to Medicare.

One is at loss and fell short of words when you see people who can hardly feed their over bloated-in-number family members still having many dogs to their credit. Of course those dogs are usually unkempt and look wanting of medical attention.

Alas! Stories of heroic actions of warding off dangerous wild animals from their owners flocks of sheep or outright arrest of burglars in the village squares are enough to get the dogs a pat on the head as against the expected professional medical advice to stampdown at least some of the dogs.

We have therefore device an alternative. Asking a well to do client to pay for one other dog. "The dog you cover may be the dog that may infect someone you know" is our slogan. This is in line with the format of the National Health Insurance Scheme where well to do Nigerians are approached to pay into the pool so as to cover those have-nots and those who have but can not understand the need for Health Insurance. In Nigeria, there are still motor vehicle owners who do not understand the need for motor insurance till now.

This format of make a client pay for one more antirabies vaccination of another dog is a viable approach. 

With the fund so raised, our Animal Hospital unit (a sister company at onaaraTODAYservices) is to be engaged at a village to vaccinate their dogs for free.

Barring last minute changes, the village of choice for this year is the Headquarters of the local government at AKANRAN village. The village heads and the council health officials are to be formally informed and if possible involved.

Yemisi OLADIPUPO (Ms.)

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