According to data from PAHO/WHO (2019), Mexico became the first country in the world to receive validation from the World Health Organization (WHO) for having eliminated dog-transmitted rabies as a disease problem. public health, however the line for cases of human rabies to happen is very thin, the sample is that there were cases in the city of Oaxaca transmitted by Desmodus Rotundus, in the state of Nayarit a case was reported due to cat transmission and In Sonora, a case of canine rabies transmitted by a fox is reported, which becomes a serious public health problem, which is why it is necessary to strengthen awareness to vaccinate and prevent these from continuing to happen through specific actions such as student training. of veterinary medicine that will act as health promoters, who will take a course to be certified as rabies educators by the Global alliance for Rabies Control and to carry out an anti-rabies vaccination campaign in the municipalities of the state of Zacatecas will take the course of Animal Handling and Vaccination Certificate by the GARC, with this we intend to contribute to reducing the possible rates of Human Rabies and urban Rabies in domestic animals as well as generate a comprehensive education for Rabies health, since in the period of In the SARS COV-2 pandemic, it was not possible to carry out massive anti-rabies vaccination campaigns, neglecting this sector.