Animal Art Competition entries

This family fun filled day celebrates local animals while instilling a love of animals in local children. Free Rabies vaccinations are provided for all pets brought on the day. The entire event is organized and hosted by the government State Vet Oudtshoorn Office. There is a children's magic show, dog obedience show, school animal art competition, colour run, food and products stalls and much more on the day. Not just locals attend the event but even animal non profit organizations from other districts. Funds raised on the day go towards local animal welfare sterilization campaigns. Various local schools are involved by playing Marimbas live on the day, hosting the family pet lookalike photo competition, organizing the colour run etc. There will also be a reptile display and educational show again this year. There will be barrel tractor rides, jumping castle, riding the rocket, dunk tank, face paint, candy floss, pawprint nail art to add to the fun and to encourage the public to attend. This is a holistic day, focusing on offering many different animal services besides Rabies vaccinations (dipping for ectoparasites, nail trimming, pet treat sales, other pet disease vaccinations, pet accessories, etc.) and entertainment for the family as a whole. This allows the public to have a positive association with Veterinary Services, and with animal disease control. This event is where government works hand-in-hand with institutions of learning and the private sector to achieve a feel good event to the benefit of many, including the health of their animals.

Event images

The start of the colour run
Welldone Dog Training Display
Drummies display to open the Oudtshoorn Animal Day event
State Vet Oudtshoorn Staff Members