The National Animal Rabies Elimination Plan was developed by the Directorate of Veterinary Services with support from FAO and USAID. The first phase of implementation of said plan covers the period from 2018 to 2023. The first activity of the plan is being implemented on a pilot basis this year in the district of Kaélé, in the Far North of Cameroon. 

This involves: 
- Raising awareness of rabies among dog breeders and users, officials of decentralised territorial communities, young people in schools and animal and human health personnel;
- To train the stakeholders of Kaélé on the "one health" approach in the fight against rabies; 
- Train Kaele health district staff in rabies case management 
- Vaccinate the dog population free of charge against rabies 

An awareness-raising workshop for human and animal health personnel will be held on the eve of World Rabies Day. The workshop will focus on the theme of World Rabies Day, rabies case management, interoperability, sharing of information on rabies between different sectors, in short the "one health" approach to rabies control. 

On 28 September, the free vaccination of dogs will take place at the Divisional Delegation of MINEPIA and in the various CZVs of Kaele. A solemn ceremony to launch the vaccination will be organised under the supervision of the Senior Divisional Officer of the Mayo Kani Division, the Director of Veterinary Services of the Minstry of Livestock and the Director of Fight agaisnt Disease,  Epdemics and Pandemics of the Ministry of Public Health