field awareness

Hi...An event was organized by vets and pets clinic on a small scale on WORLD RABIES DAY,28 SEPTEMBER 2021. It was included awareness sessions at different places and people of different professions and at the end walk for awareness and pic with them. The start time of the event was 12 am and the end time 4 pm. We were decided to select different professionals. The reason behind, those people also have pets in their homes, if they have education and awareness about rabies not only do they save their lives, also the others. they educate others about rabies, its risk, and how they could prevent it.  Bank employs, Petroleum police, government CVH employs and people of our area were selected. we told them what is rabies, its spread, risks for human health as well as for animals, control. the main thing was how we can prevent it because it is 100% preventable. told them what to do if a rabid dog saw in their area and if a dog bites one of them. Awareness about vaccination of their dogs and how much it is essential for their pet's health. at the clinic, vaccination is free for rabies today as well as treatment of pets. It was a small effort from our side on this day. actually, it was our role towards the healthy community and ERN by 2030 campaign. thanks for the provision of this platform and the chance to play our part towards rabies elimination

Event images

walk for awareness
walk with bank employs
bank employs
awareness session