A boy relieved to have not missed the vaccination after a long journey to bring their dogs from home to the station

Ifakara Health Institute is going to conduct a dog vaccination campaign in Bahi district. This is one of the district making the new capital of the country and is located at the centre of the country. We are expecting a total of 4,000 dogs which will be vaccinated from numerous central point vaccination stations, later in the evening after the vaccination process, a transect process will be conducted to assess the coverage.    

Event images

The feeling of having all animal potential to cause rabies are immunized was equally felt among community members
Temporary collars were placed in all vaccinated dogs to help estimate coverage later in the evening. here is Maganga sambo from Ifakara health institute putting collar
A school program later that day to raise awareness on rabies, Maganga sambo is explaining how one can avoid dog bite