To help increase awareness about the importance of rabies prevention, SCDHEC is hosting an original poster contest. Each poster needs to incorporate one of the specified rabies prevention slogans:

  1. Wild Animals Are Not Pets
    • “Keep Wild Animals Wild”
  2. Vaccinate Your Pets and Livestock
    • “Don’t Wait - Vaccinate”
  3. Don’t Touch - Avoid Unknown Animals
    • “Love Your Own - Leave Others Alone”
  4. Report Animal Bites to DHEC
    • “Be Forthright - Report the Bite”

One winner per category will be chosen, with a total of four World Rabies Day poster winners. South Carolina residents can submit their posters for a chance to win and be included on DHEC’s website for a full year and be a part of the 2018 World Rabies Day campaign!