Community rabies education program

Rabies Vaccination Clinics: The Big Fix Uganda has worked closely with District Veterinary Offices in Northern Uganda since 2012 to identify areas of greatest need and to respond to suspected rabies cases. Each year, it reaches as many subcounties as finances will allow, focusing on the areas of greatest need, or where rabies outbreaks have occurred. When The Big Fix began working in Gulu District in 2012, there were often suspected rabies cases. Today, there are almost none reported and few of the dog bites are suspected rabid dogs.

Animal Kindness Clubs and School Outreach: The Big Fix Uganda conducts regular school outreach programs. In March and April 2018, it visited 19 schools with its education team and a key component of the program was rabies education and prevention. Information about Rabies also appears on the back of every one of its vaccination cards and on posters placed in villages and trading centers throughout the area where it works.

Field Educators Program: Graduates of The Big Fix Uganda's Comfort Dog Project dog companionship program are eligible to receive special training so that they can serve as field education officers. There are now 27 field educators who work closely with The Big Fix's dog hospital and provide education concerning rabies prevention. It also has a regular radio program on Monday afternoons on Mega FM in Gulu, during which they respond to call-in questions and address rabies prevention on a regular basis. In 2012, many people in this area believed that rabies was the product of witch craft and killed dogs out of fear. This is no longer the case and people in general know what rabies is and that vaccination of dogs is the best prevention.

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Field clinic