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Description of our work

Dr. Gupta is actively associated with Association for Prevention and Control of Rabies in India (APCRI) and Indian Public Health Association (IPHA). In 2019, Dr. A. K. Gupta founded AIRO (All Indian Rabies Organization), with the aims of alleviating suffering and promoting the welfare and moral perception of animals in India.

Dr. Gupta has been regularly writing articles on Rabies. He has presented various papers on Rabies at scientific conferences. He is actively engaged in Continued Medical Education programs on rabies. His articles on Rabies are published in various medical newsletters.

He is author of seven books on Rabies (1) "RABIES - the worst death" (2) FAQs on Rabies (3) Understanding Rabies (4) Play Safe with Animals (5) Animal Exposures-20 Interesting Cases (6) WAR Against Rabies (7) Zoonotic Diseases - Rare but There

He is currently working on several projects with help from Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) and Association for Prevention and Control of Rabies in India (APCRI).

The following are a few of many:

1. Rabies Education Intervention for Public School Children.

2. Surveillance and Notifiability Campaign.

He started "RABIES ON-LINE" study course with Indian Medical Association. The goal of Dr. A. K. Gupta’s life is to make rabies history. He has been successful in spreading awareness about correct Management of animal bites in school children, in village community, amongst medical professionals including medical students, nurses, and Para-medical staff.

Giving up his spare time to volunteer with AIRO, Dr. Gupta has seen, first- hand, the devastating effects of rabies on people and animals and was determined to do something about it.


Impact in numbers

Total physical attendees in educational programs: excess of 50,000.

Online course viewers: more than 100,000.


Impact (description)

Dr. Gupta has been holding educational sessions at weekly frequency, targeting diverse groups of people, medical students, nurses, and Para- medical staff. This has been a continuous feature over last several years, and this has seen a tremendous impact in the average awareness levels of people.

Apart from physical interactive sessions, Dr. Gupta has started a "RABIES ONLINE" study course with Indian Medical Association, that is aimed at educating doctors, paramedical staff & medical students of various fields. The impact of this program has been tremendous and has initiated interest and curiosity towards the subject from the medical fraternity.


Share a personal experience

Dr. Gupta has seen, first-hand, the devastating effects of rabies on people and animals and was determined to do something about it. He realized the severe lack of knowledge about rabies in doctors in India was the root cause from the medical fraternity side. Very frequently, he would come across cases of wrong treatment and negligence, and most would be due to inadequate or wrong knowledge of treatment of the disease.

It was this juncture when he began to commit his time and effort, at the cost of his own personal life, to spread awareness to public, and to educate both medical fraternity and public about the causes and treatment of rabies.

With Gods’ grace, Dr. Gupta has not seen a single death in his zone of influence, due to his extraordinary commitment towards treatment, and his efforts towards awareness and education.



  • Indian Medical Association
  • Delhi Medical Association
  • APCRI (Association for Prevention and Control of Rabies in India)

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