Dr Daniela Steckler WRD 2023

Description of your work

Dr Daniela Steckler, who practices at Midlands Veterinary Hospital in Howick, South Africa, runs the once weekly primary veterinary clinic for Funda Nenja which is a small NPO working in the township of Mpophomeni outside Howick. Funda Nenja, which was founded in 2009, is a One Welfare organisation which has animal welfare, educational and social welfare programmes serving the community. Our Friday afternoon clinic is the only available veterinary service for this community and provides a free service to dog owners with special emphasis on rabies and sterilisation, but also attending to minor ailments and offering deworming and 5-in-1 vaccinations. In addition, when logistics permit, we hold rabies clinics in the surrounding areas for people who can access our weekly clinic in Mpophomeni.

Impact in numbers
Some statistics from 2022:
• Dogs sterilised = 93
• Dogs vaccinated against rabies = 1520
• No. of dogs dewormed = 1006
• No. of 5-in-1 vaccinations done = 213
• Dogs treated for ticks & fleas = 130
• Dogs attending the vet clinics = 1480
• Children/dogs enrolled at dog school = 246
• No. of food parcels given out = 250

Impact (description)
Since the inception of our programmes, Mpophomeni has been rabies free. The dog population is generally healthy, well socialised and well cared for thanks to our educational program. The local community have readily accepted us and seek us out when a need arises. The local municipality of uMngeni has endorsed our work by recently giving us a grant of R10,000 and we are currently negotiating with them to use the
Mpophomeni Sports Stadium as our new venue. In addition, one of the local councillors regularly approaches us to assist with rabies clinics in outlying areas. The broader community of the KZN Midlands is very supportive of our organisation in terms of financial support as well as volunteering for us.

Share a personal experience
Funda Nenja is well aware of the danger of rabies to both humans and animals, especially in KwaZulu Natal where we are at high risk. We committed from the start to do our part in helping to eliminate this deadly
disease as well as educating the local population.

The KZN State Veterinary Services Dept.
Kevin le Roux - Rabies Project Manager KZN
Councillor Kate Janse van Rensberg - uMngeni Municipality

*Information adapted from nomination form submitted.

Miss Gridsana (Cooky) Laksana WRD 2023
Miss Gridsana (Cooky) Laksana WRD 2023