Ms Aishwarya Ramasamy WRD awards 2023

Description of your work
Established in 2006 as a non-profit organization, HAS has been at the forefront of addressing animal welfare in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The organization carries out a comprehensive range of initiatives, including humane Animal Birth Control (ABC) programs, vaccination drives, rescue operations, necessary treatments, successful rehabilitation efforts and facilitates fostering and adoptions as well. The organization also conducts education and awareness programs in schools, colleges, and the general public, fostering a culture of empathy towards our fellow creatures. In addition to this, in the past one year, the organization has expanded on the legal front too, by directly engaging with the law enforcement agencies to take cognizance of animal cruelty cases in the city. Its holistic approach to animal welfare and its compassionate initiatives have transformed the lives of countless animals and touched the hearts of many individuals.

Impact in numbers
From 2013-2023: We have completed Anti-Rabies Vaccinations on 34645 animals, sterilized 12,875 animals, rescued 5251 animals, and facilitated the adoptions of 3523 animals.

Impact (description)
Through our relentless efforts in conducting vaccination drives and educational programs, we have witnessed a remarkable decrease in human animal conflicts that typically arise from uninformed fears surrounding rabies. The impact of these initiatives has resulted in a significant reduction in bite incidents. Remarkably, the local community has also embraced our cause, now actively engaging with us in times of suspected rabies cases. They not only notify us about suspected rabies cases promptly but also extend their support in tracking and rescuing these animals.

Share a personal experience
In 2006, during the early days of the organization's establishment, a distressing incident occurred within the community. A local dog was showing symptoms of rabies, leading some residents to attempt to harm it in fear of the potential danger. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Humane Animal Society (HAS) intervened and rescued the dog. Unfortunately, the dog had to be euthanized. This heartbreaking event shed light on the critical importance of timely vaccinations, as the loss of the dog's life could have been prevented had it received the necessary immunization. In response to the incident, HAS embarked on a mission to conduct widespread vaccination drives, recognizing the indispensable role vaccinations play in safeguarding the lives of both animals and humans. Simultaneously, when the organization also understood that many people's fear of dogs stemmed from concerns about dog bites and rabies, it acted on the need to educate the public about the significance of rabies vaccinations. By addressing these fears and misconceptions, HAS aimed to create a safer environment for both humans and animals.

1) Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, with who we have an MOU for dog population management,

2) Worldwide Veterinary Service, Ooty for joint vaccination drives,

3) Humane Society International for dog population survey.

*Information adapted from nomination form submitted.