Debby Ng

Debby Ng is the co-founder of the Himalayan Mutt Project (HMP), set up to reduce community and wildlife conflict with dogs and stop the inhumane killing of these dogs.

The Himalayan Mutt Project delivers free neutering and rabies vaccinations to communities in Nepal's Himalaya.
It brings urban vets from within Nepal into high mountain regions for an opportunity to respond to challenges beyond urban settings. HMP remains the first and only organisation to routinely neuter and vaccinate dogs in Nepal's high Himalaya. Local vets take these skills and knowledge to further reaches of Nepal, when they share their experience with other communities.

The project educates communities about how to safely interact with dogs and recognise symptoms of disease. Through sharing knowledge and providing resources, it empowers communities to play a more proactive role in protecting the health and welfare of people and wildlife.

(Excerpt from nomination)

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