SFT's Project Hayat is changing mindsets. After the strays have been Treated, Neutered and Vaccinated, they are identified with a yellow Tag (TNVT) and returned to the community. This means both the authorities and the public know that they are not a danger to the community.
Sally and her team have managed to TNVT 1100 dogs and 500 cats. They hope for a future where there are no strays on the streets of Tangier.

SFT also responds to emergencies by providing treatment to all animals through the SFT veterinarian.

Project Hayat involves catching dogs in a humane way , having the community involved to be able to give annual boosters. It also involves educating the community about animal welfare, rabies and how to avoid dog bites and what to do if bitten. SFT’s Project Hayat is being used as a role model for the whole of Morocco. Over 7000 animals have been vaccinated against rabies since it started.  (Extracts from nomination)