Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (SAWS) is the only animal welfare NGO in Eswatini and works country wide. Their programmes which focus on rabies prevention/control, population management (Spay Clinics), improving animal wellness and general health and education, target vulnerable communities in peri-urban and rural areas where pet owners cannot afford veterinary care due to poverty.

SAWS organizes a few wellness and spay clinics in selected communities. The number of clinics held is dependent on funding availability. In many of the remote rural communities, these clinics offer the only opportunity for pet owners to have their animals treated by a vet due to lack of veterinary care in these remote parts of the country. These clinics have enabled pet owners to seek veterinary care, rabies vaccinations, sterilization, and educational materials on responsible pet ownership. Since its establishment, SAWS has served well over 35,000 animals and provided these life-saving services.

The human population in Eswatini is approximately 1.3 million with approximately 58.9% of the population living under the poverty line, and 70% of the rural population is affected. This means the rural households and their dogs and cats are more vulnerable and in need of services SAWS offers. In 2018, SAWS sterilized and vaccinated over 400 animals in such communities and contributed to managing the animal population and preventing/controlling rabies in these communities. Furthermore, SAWS also vaccinated and sterilized over 200 animals that they rescued and rehomed.

(Extract from nomination)