With just US$3, you can help make Zanzibar free from rabies. 

Watch the horrific impact that rabies has on dogs worldwide. This video was shot in Zanzibar when a team was out doing mass dog vaccinations. One of the dogs waiting was clearly symptomatic and we managed to capture this footage. To prevent this dreadful pain, suffering and the needless death, we need to help the Zanzibar government vaccinate more dogs. Let's help make Zanzibar free from rabies!

Join us and help us go the last mile towards rabies elimination in Zanzibar.  

*Warning: Graphic content. Not for sensitive viewers*

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How will your support make a difference?

US$3 vaccinates one dog

US$15 vaccinates 5 dogs

US$30 vaccinates 10 dogs


Every dog vaccinated saves both the dog and its owners from the terrors of rabies. 

Read Andre's account of the rabid dog

After spending a long day in the hot tropical sun vaccinating dogs, we reached our final vaccination point for the day. We were greeted by a peaceful scene of happy dog owners and many dogs laying in the sun. But it quickly became clear that something was wrong with one of the dogs. Speaking to his owner I was informed that the dog had started acting strangely the previous day and had started becoming more and more aggressive. Looking at the dog I quickly realized that not only did it have rabies, but we were also too late to make a difference. It pained me to tell the team that the dog had to be given a completely different kind of injection – one that ensured a peaceful end to the suffering.  

"Seeing a dog like that shook me to the core. I knew we had to do more to eliminate rabies" - Dr Andre Coetzer, GARC lead, Zanzibar

I was shaken and distraught. I knew we had to do more. Luckily, I was not the only person who felt like that, and the next day all of the vaccinators were back in the field, freshly motivated and ready to stop the disease from spreading by protecting the dogs on the island. 

Help us to not let another dog or person die from rabies - from the team in Zanzibar!

We are close to eliminating the disease on the island. We are close to being Free from rabies in Zanzibar. We need to go this last mile. Help us make it possible. Help us make Zanzibar a safe haven from rabies for people and animals.

A happy owner celebrates getting his puppies vaccinated against rabies with the GARC project in Zanzibar.

Will you give to save a life?