MERACON meeting



MERACON aims to be a sustainable inter-sectoral (public and veterinary health) and transdisciplinary (scientific, policy, and implementation) network that assists national governments in developing and advancing effective rabies elimination programs in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North African region.

MERACON will build on the successes of the former MEEREB network, whilst introducing members to novel tools, resources and practices that may assist their efforts in achieving the Zero by 30 goal.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global travel and rabies activities were hampered for the duration of 2020. Because of this, the planned regional MERACON workshop was postponed to 2021. As a means to continue remote support, foster collaboration and continue to drive progress towards rabies elimination in the MERACON countries, an online webinar was held on 26 February 2021 as a precursor to a more formal workshop when travel restrictions permit.


The MERACON webinar aimed to maintain active participation and interest in rabies control and elimination within all participating countries in the MERACON network.

  1. Maintain contacts with country focal persons from participating countries in MERACON network.
  2. Informally assess the situation in terms of rabies control in MERACON participating countries and evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on efforts.
  3. Identify and set the expectations for the MERACON network moving forward.
  4. Introduce certain foundational tools to focal persons.
  5. Demonstrate progress through a case study from a participating network country.

You can also watch the recorded webinar on our partner's website here.