A rabies epidemiological database for Asia

The Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin (REB) is a regional rabies-specific disease surveillance platform that provides a data repository from which specific key indicators, essential to any rabies intervention program, form the basis of data collection.

The REB for Asia is currently under development. You can view the African REB here

The data that is used to populate the REB will be submitted by ARACON member countries who agree to share their data publicly on this site. A core principle of the REB is that the data remains that of each country and the bulletin simply acts as a centralised, data gathering and analysis tool.

The rabies data collected on the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin will be used to:

  • facilitate advocacy campaigns on a national, sub-regional, regional and global level for rabies prioritization and stakeholder support

  • provide countries with accurate data to develop and further the implementation of their National Rabies Prevention Control Strategies.