Building Community through Giving

August is a month focused on ‘participation’.

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers!

There are many people, communities and organizations participating in efforts on a global scale to eliminate rabies. But we would like to focus your attention on those less-visible heroes behind some of GARC’s work: our volunteers!

Jacques and Brigitte help us reach a wider audience through their linguistic skills. They spend hours before each newsletter is sent, to ensure that all the English/French translations of the articles are complete and correct. They also ensure that the World Rabies Day banners and many other free resources too, are available for francophone countries.

Jnanee lends her magic fingers to design work, whenever and wherever it is needed for GARC. In the past, she has helped to adapt certificates, create visuals for World Rabies Day and prepare the Awards promotions specific to each Awardee in time for the online announcements. Whether it is a simple logo change in a booklet or an entirely new design, Jnanee is always happy to help.

Cynthia is into surfing - as in ‘web-surfing’. Her work and experience in the field of rabies in the USA, as well as her knowledge of the digital world, have proven key to the development of GARC’s social media and some of our fundraising efforts - another key aspect to ensuring the continuation of our work.

These are the invisible heroes behind the text you read, the images you see, and the endless hours that go into all aspects of rabies elimination. We cannot thank them enough for their services, goodwill, and invaluable, ongoing help over the years.

If you too would like to volunteer, in whatever capacity to support GARC’s work and be part of something bigger, please contact us or find out more here.