Children and videos: our award-winning combination saves lives through education

What do most children love? Playing, eating, and watching videos. “Bino, Buboy and Bantay” is an animated video on animal bite prevention, bite management and responsible pet ownership that has been developed to help educate children about these important topics using a fun and visually stimulating medium. The video was developed by GARC in collaboration with Knowledge Channel in the Philippines. It was based on the children’s storybook written by elementary schoolteachers, Josephine Sabile and Cecille Arca of Labas Elementary School in Sta. Rosa city, Laguna as part of the Early Childhood Intervention Program of GARC.

Screnshots of one of the main characters in the video, Bantay.
Screenshots of one of the main characters in the video, Bantay.

The video was so influential and well-received that it was entered into the Sinebata Award for 2019. Sinebata is derived from, “Sine”-video/movie and “Bata”-child, and is a national competition on videos created for and by children. The organizer, ANAKTV is a prestigious organization composed of major television networks in the Philippines that advocates for child-sensitive, and family-friendly television in the country.

On 2 October 2019, the President and the Director of Operations of the Knowledge Channel (Ms. Rina Lopez Bautista and Edric Clama respectively) and Dr. Sarah Jayme of GARC, received the winner’s plaque for the Sinebata Award 2019 in the category: Professional Fiction under 7 Years of Age. The prize was awarded by the Anak TV Board of Directors and jurors from member television networks. As the winner, the video was also the official entry of the Philippines to the 3rd Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children that was held in Cambodia in December 2019.

GARC and Knowledge Channel receiving award for best video
Our team receiving the Winner’s award at the Sinebata 2019 award ceremony.

Watch our award-winning video to get an idea of how we can reach audiences of all ages.

GARC would like to thank all the supporters and people who contributed towards the success of the video – not only those that helped create it, but those children who loved and enjoyed it. Contributions from our donor community makes things like this possible and brings us great joy. GARC would especially like to thank the UBS Optimus Foundation for their support in the creation of these great materials.

With more funds raised by you, our fantastic donors, GARC will work to translate this award-winning video into other languages, including English and French, ensuring that children from around the globe can benefit from these fun materials.

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Article contributed by: Dr Sarah Jayme, Asia Representative