Easily track bite cases with GARCs latest mobile app feature

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Are you looking to identify areas at-risk for rabies? Do you have limited resources for surveillance? Are you looking for an easy, yet effective solution to improve your existing rabies surveillance efforts? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we have the perfect tool for you!

GARC has recently launched the Bite Case Tracker (BCT) tool. This is a new addition to our suite of surveillance tools available on the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin and on the GARC Mobile phone app. The Bite Case Tracker tool is a foundational tool for rabies surveillance that will help you to collect and analyze essential human bite case at the community-level to support your rabies elimination efforts. It has been designed to complement human health systems and aids in strengthening them further.

The Bite Case Tracker tool has been designed as a multi-purpose tool that can help you to identify and monitor various aspects related to rabies elimination. Not only can you begin to identify areas at-risk for rabies, but you can also determine where you may need vaccinations or improved education initiatives. Furthermore, the collected data aligns with international reporting standards and collects essential data that the WHO requests. While all this sounds complicated, the tool is easy to use, and data collection takes less than 20 seconds – amazing for something that is so essential!

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As with all the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin tools, the Bite Case Tracker (BCT) is free to use, and all the data belongs to the user (and not to GARC). Furthermore, the system automatically generates maps and graphs with the data in real-time, allowing field workers to identify bite cases for rapid response – whether that is stocking the closest health facility with PEP, educating the community on bite prevention, or vaccinating animals around where the case occurred the next day.

So, whether you have human rabies surveillance systems or not, whether you are just starting to implement rabies surveillance or already have a system in place, the Bite Case Tracker is the ideal tool for you.

As an added benefit, the Bite Case Tracker works seamlessly with our other surveillance tools and by coupling some tools together, you can implement an effective, easy, and efficient Integrated Bite Case Management (IBCM) system in your country!

So, get started with the Bite Case Tracker now. If you are already using our app, it is even easier to get started!

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