GARC celebrates a scientific milestone.

A sample of some of GARCs scientific publications contributing to scientific knowledge on rabies elimination.

GARC reached a major milestone in 2020 when the 50th peer-reviewed scientific publication with a GARC-affiliated author was published. This is a huge milestone for any organization – especially one that is a mission-driven non-profit organization.

GARC was initially formed by a group of scientists and passionate people interested in driving rabies control and elimination on a global level. The foundation of the organization was a scientifically sound approach, ensuring that all the activities undertaken by the organization were well conceived, carefully considered, and based on the latest scientific knowledge. Because of its strong scientific expertise, GARC has always strived to continue to lead scientific thought and drive scientific knowledge towards the continued improvement of interventions and rabies elimination activities globally. Since our initial establishment more than 15 years ago, GARC has never waivered from this ideology – continuing to drive scientific thinking and evidence, pushing boundaries with leading concepts and strategies to ensure that we continue to make progress towards our collective goal of an end to human and dog rabies globally. 

Growth in the number of peer-reviewed scientific publications on rabies elimination published by GARC.

In 2020, GARC published its 54th scientific article on its work on rabies elimination, with all the articles published to date addressing all the aspects of our mission. For example, our publications from 2020 alone cover our in-country activities such as the implementation of rabies diagnosis in a country and the tracking of mass dog vaccination with the GARC Data Logger. Not only do we address in-country work, but we also drive regional activities with our publications from the Asia-Pacific region and our review on the rabies situation in West and Central Africa. Lastly, we touched on global policy and strategies for the elimination of dog-mediated rabies published as a dedicated chapter in the book entitled, “Rabies: Scientific basis of the disease and its management 4th Edition”.   

These publications not only demonstrate our continued drive to progress efforts through a solid scientific foundation that has been carefully reviewed by other scientific experts in the field, but it clearly demonstrates our continued drive to build collaboration and strong partnerships with other international and regional organizations, as well as with (most importantly) national governments.    

GARC will continue to lead through science to not only help our own activities, but to further scientific understanding so that all organizations, governments and stakeholders can work with the best, scientifically sound strategies to achieve global rabies elimination as a collective. We have more publications in the pipeline at present and will continue to drive scientific thought and best practice until rabies is no longer a threat. 

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