GARC joins coalition to improve Animal Health globally

Cattle drink from a polluted water source

We at GARC believe in partnerships and the importance of working together. By working together, we can develop better tools and resources, improve existing activities, and implement bigger and better programs to support efforts to better our world overall. It is for this reason that GARC partnered with the tripartite (WHO, OIE and FAO) to develop and launch the Global Strategic Plan for rabies elimination (Zero by 30) and why GARC formed the three regional rabies control networks. All of these were done to improve the effectiveness of our joint efforts to eliminate dog-mediated rabies globally.

GARC is already a member of the International Companion Animal Management (ICAM) Coalition, which focuses on humane companion animal (especially dog) population management; as well as the Neglected Tropical Diseases NGO Network (NNN) that acts as a global forum for NGOs to contribute to the management, control, and elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases (Rabies is one of 20 such diseases).

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However, we believe that rabies spans far more than simply being a neglected disease or an issue of companion animals. It is for this reason that we are excited to announce that GARC, along with 11 other major animal-oriented organizations, has joined the Action for Animal Health (AFAH) coalition, which aims to combat the lack of investment in animal health systems globally.

We believe that - as part of the One Health narrative – animal health needs to receive more support and these systems need to be strengthened globally to build a healthier planet, with healthy animals and healthy people.

While the AFAH coalition focuses on all animals, there is a particular focus on the role of animals in One Health. Therefore, rabies is the ideal candidate to provide case studies and examples of how strengthening animal health systems (such as through timely rabies outbreak investigations), can have a massively positive effect on human health, for example.

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Article contributed by: Dr Terence Scott (GARC).