GARC’s news refreshed

In light of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected all of our lives, we thought that we would try to bring a little bit of happiness and joy to your lives through our newsletter.

As we are sure you noticed, our newsletter has undergone a makeover. We felt that after 14 fantastic years of service, the original template needed a fresh new look. Don’t be alarmed though, our great content will remain consistent, regardless of the appearance change.

We have updated the colour scheme to more closely match GARC’s core colours, with the soft beige giving a calm, dependable, warm feeling. The contrasting orange (synonymous with everything GARC) gives that touch of urgency, determination and need for action – a message that we try to get across in terms of a call to action for rabies elimination. Our banner image has lots of free space and gives an open feeling, synonymous with freedom from rabies and being open with one another – fostering a transparent and collective approach to ending rabies.

Old newsletter banner
Our old newsletter banner - saying goodbye after 14 years of faithful service.
GARC newsletter banner
Our new banner for the refreshed newsletter.

In terms of content, we have added in a section on our top picks – stories that we think are especially important, whether it is an unusual event, a new group joining the fight against rabies, a huge stride towards elimination or an appreciation message to our followers. This, however, does not mean that the other stories are less important. We want to ensure that every contribution is equally important to rabies elimination, whether it be small or big.

Our newsletter will not only focus on fantastic stories from people working around the world to fight rabies but will also include useful resources to help people with their ongoing work against rabies.

In addition, we will include ideas about how you can get involved in the way that suits your lifestyle best. We all need to work together to end rabies, and we hope that this fresh new look helps to inspire all of you to contribute towards rabies elimination in whatever way you can.

Take a look at our brand new “Get involved” section on our website to see how you can contribute – be it from the comfort of your home, from within the community, or from an adrenaline-filled outing!


Article contributed by: Dr Terence Scott. Technical Lead, Rabies.