Join World Rabies Day 2020 - collaborate and vaccinate!

End Rabies: Collaborate, Vaccinate World Rabies Day 2020 themed banner

It’s here! The 14th World Rabies Day theme is “End Rabies: Collaborate, Vaccinate”. 


Why this theme?

Every year, the GARC team gets together to develop the annual theme. We consider significant events, major milestones and the primary needs to move the world towards achieving rabies elimination.

End rabies: a reminder that we have 10 years to end human deaths from dog rabies and that we can raise awareness at the global level through the End Rabies Now campaign.

Collaborate: The United Against Rabies coalition was formed and subsequently launched the Global Strategic Plan. We need to continue collaboration at the international, national and local levels to eliminate rabies – especially keeping in mind that it’s a disease that knows no borders.  

Vaccinate: A massive breakthrough was recently made in the rabies world – GAVI, the vaccine alliance, has included rabies into its portfolio of vaccines. This means that with their support, 181,000 more human deaths from rabies can be prevented. We also need to remember to vaccinate dogs to prevent rabies at its source so that we can reach elimination. 

Helping you prepare for World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is one of the largest global awareness days and it is held on September 28th each year. Preparation begins worldwide during the month of April when the annual theme is chosen and announced, along with some useful resources to help you begin your own preparations.

The strength of World Rabies Day lies in its global character and flexible nature! Anyone - individuals, organizations, veterinary groups, governments - ANYONE can participate and get active in a myriad of different ways to spread the message! Some ideas from previous years include (but are not limited to):

  • mass vaccination campaigns
  • quiz competitions
  • marathons or sponsored runs for rabies
  • conferences
  • media interviews
  • school visits
  • training events
  • reduced-fee veterinary services


Got ideas already? Register them now!

All your events and activities can be registered on our dedicated online platform. Add your voice to this global call by registering your event. Receive global recognition and add to efforts worldwide – you may even be lucky enough to receive the World Rabies Day award! If you don’t register an event, you can’t win!

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Do you need some World Rabies Day resources?

Beautifully designed World Rabies Day resources, including banners for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, websites or blogs, are available. This year, we have made a new logo that is perfect to print on a T-shirt that can be proudly worn to share the message!

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Do you want to join, but are short on ideas?

We can even help you with ideas and step by step guidelines to organise your own event! Watch our World Rabies Day A-Z video for some ideas. You will be taken directly to our YouTube channel when clicking the link below. 

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Keep up to date with the latest on World Rabies Day

One of the best ways to keep up to date with developments, free resources and the upcoming World Rabies Day Awards, is to follow us on social media. Share our news, tag us and let’s reach as many people as possible with the important message of End Rabies: Collaborate and Vaccinate!