New publication on the creation of ARACON to support Asian countries

ARACON member countries

Following the successes of the Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON), GARC set up the Asian Rabies Control Network (ARACON) and held the inaugural meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2018. ARACON provides opportunities for member countries to share lessons learnt and challenges faced, while also introducing them to programmatic support tools such as the Stepwise Approach towards Rabies Elimination (SARE) assessment and the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin (REB). During the inaugural meeting, member countries evaluated their progress and developed country-specific Practical Workplans based on their SARE outcomes. Learn more about the formation of the ARACON network, the meeting and the tools used from this recent article by GARC to be published in the September issue of Antiviral Research: