Thank you to our donors and volunteers!

Our sincere thanks to all of you!

The last few months have been extremely challenging for everyone. People have faced many mental health challenges – particularly during the “hard lockdown” periods and especially so when loved ones have been lost. To add to this, financial challenges have made things worse, with many people losing their jobs, struggling to pay their rent or worse. Unfortunately, charities have also faced huge challenges, as their ability to continue work is based on the generous support from donors and partners, and with all the difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, support has understandably dropped and charities have struggled.

Considering all these hardships and difficulties, we are fortunate to be supported by such an amazing community of people. Despite the financial challenges, we have continued to receive support from you, both in terms of generous donations and in terms of sharing your expertise and skills through volunteer work. On top of this, you supported us with the 2.6 Challenge, where more than £808.00 was raised! We would not only like to thank you, but also Kim Doyle – our COO – who climbed all those stairs in the name of rabies elimination. We certainly did reach new heights!

Kim Doyle, our COO running up stairs to raise funds for rabies elimination.

While so many charities have had to scale down or completely stop their work, we have managed to continue. Because of your support, we have developed new resources, published new scientific studies, fostered new collaborations, and continued all our rabies elimination efforts. 

So, from the GARC team and all the people and animals that continue to benefit from your support – we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you! You have made an invaluable difference to thousands of lives around the world.


Article contributed by the GARC team