A theme a month - to help End Rabies Now!

Just like you, we also want potentially life-saving messages about rabies to reach the widest possible audience! This is why GARC has decided to focus on a particular rabies-related theme each month and make the information we have, even more memorable. By focusing our messages on trending topics, we help you get the best out of your social media experience with us.

January was focused on NTD’s (Neglected Tropical Diseases), of which, rabies is of course one. In fact, rabies is the only vaccine-preventable NTD!

February highlighted the importance of the human-animal bond and particularly, celebrating our relationship with dogs. By ending rabies, we can restore that relationship in countries where dogs are the main transmitters of the virus and help people and dogs find trust and companionship in one another again.

March will persistently discuss bite prevention as an important part of rabies prevention and April will be a month dedicated to One Health: creating that link between stakeholders and highlighting the inter-dependence of people, animals, and the environment. 

Each month, you will find our theme on the social media header/banner and then repeatedly lurking within that month’s posts and hashtags. Look out for it, engage, interact, and share!

We have designed these themes for you and encourage you to share your own thoughts, content, pictures, and comments so we can spread awareness of rabies across the globe all year round, not just on World Rabies Day.

Watch our short video here, join us and together we can #EndRabiesNow and save lives.