World Rabies Day 2022 brings #1Health4Rabies

Coming together as 1 is key to disease elimination. There’s nothing quite like rabies – a 100% preventable zoonoses - to put that 1 into One Health! Rabies exemplifies the interconnection between the health of humans, animals and the environment, and this year we are focusing on its elimination for World Rabies Day.

World Rabies Day 2022 theme banner explanation

One Health is a concept that is becoming more entrenched in disease control programs. Recently, the world stood by and watched as COVID and antimicrobial resistance repeatedly highlighted the interconnection of human, animal, and environmental health.

An integral aspect of One Health is also the collaborative one and rabies elimination is the perfect example of the need for inclusion of all sectors to help achieve it.

Zero Deaths (the second part of the theme) also highlights the fact that rabies is preventable, we can end its existence, it has already been done and therefore is proven achievable. In fact, it is the only one of the NTDs that is 100% vaccine-preventable so through One Health, we aim to reach Zero Deaths.

So, we have the theme, we have the resources and tools (see below), now all we need is the participation, meaning… YOU!

World Rabies Day 2022 theme: "Rabies: One Health, Zero Deaths"

Highlighting the collaborative aspect, GARC aims each year to facilitate the efforts of individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide. How can this be possible?

  • We: Provide a global online platform for events to be registered on the interactive map.
  • You: Can register your events and activities for World Rabies Day on it and receive a certificate.


  • We award rabies champions from the sectors of Veterinary Clinic, Animal Welfare, Education, and Vaccination – thus recognizing the crucial work being carried out daily.
  • You just need to nominate yourself or someone else doing inspiring work that contributes to rabies elimination (entries open July 18th and close September 18th). From World Rabies Day on, you can also vote for your favorites from the shortlist!  


  • We: Provide free (introductory and specialized) online certified courses relevant to rabies.
  • You: Can take the courses and promote them to others in your community, such as healthcare professionals.


  • We: Provide logos, banners, and many other resources (such as social media toolkits, event toolkit, radio scripts, personalized posters, etc.).
  • You: Simply download, (print) and use them at events or in your social media communications.


Connect with us through social media to spread messages further and ensure this September 28th, everyone is talking about World Rabies Day and #1Health4Rabies.





Article contributed by: Kerenza Vlastou (GARC)