Wound care when bitten. GARC, Spanish

Empowering Spanish speaking rabies champions!

With more than 13,000 certified rabies educators already educating communities around the world, life-saving information about rabies elimination is being shared daily. But what if someone is unable to share these messages because of a language barrier? To address this, the GARC Education Platform now has more courses available in Spanish.
the reach of GARC's REC course.

The revised REC: more knowledge means more power!

To ensure that people are empowered with the most relevant life-saving information about rabies and its prevention, GARC has recently revised and updated the foundational course on the GARC Education Platform – the Rabies Educator Certificate (REC).
Smiling vet and dog

Tomorrows vets become rabies champions.

This year’s call to action is one of education and hope for more lives saved as the IVSA has partnered with GARC to build a global network of future animal health professionals who are all rabies champions.
GARC Education Platform's global reach

10,000 REC graduates educate millions globally!

At the end of 2021, we celebrated a milestone when the 10,000th person graduated the Rabies Educator Certificate course. Find out how this life-saving information has reached millions of people around the world and hear from graduates about their experiences.
Owner holds dog while it is vaccinated against rabies. Philippines.

Empowering animal health professionals to contribute to rabies elimination efforts to the best of their abilities.

To ensure that animal health professionals are equipped with the latest and most relevant information regarding rabies vaccination, GARC has recently updated and revised the Animal Handling and Vaccination Certificate (AVC) course. For those people who play a role during dog vaccination campaigns, and who have not yet undertaken the course, now is the perfect opportunity.
The great team of translators that translated the REC

A global pandemic can’t stop us: Chinese language experts selflessly volunteer in the fight against rabies

Although most of us may be stuck in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that hasn’t stopped this fantastic group of people in China who have worked to translate the REC into Simplified Chinese. We have worked with our newest collaborators from CBCGDF in China to expand the reach of the GARC Education Platform, helping to save millions more lives.
Un étudiant de la CVSU, récemment diplômé du GEP, aide à vacciner les chiens dans leur communauté.

GARC education courses mould young minds in the Philippines into rabies champions

See how others around the world are using GARC’s rabies education platform to better the lives of their communities. This article focuses on how Cavite State University in the Philippines uses the GEP courses to train their students in rabies vaccination techniques to serve as additional person-power during mass vaccination events. Read more here.

Seven ways the GARC Education Platform can benefit your work

The GARC Education Platform (GEP), a growing set of free online courses for people who are implementing rabies prevention and control programmes, is being used by governments, organisations and individuals across the world.

GARC launches a new educational course, the Rabies Healthcare Certificate

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control is proud to announce the launch of the latest educational course on the GARC Education Platform (GEP) - the Rabies Healthcare Certificate (RHC). The RHC is a profession-specific course developed to provide human healthcare professionals with all the information required to safely and correctly provide medical assistance with regards to all rabies-related aspects.

Vet training program links rabies knowledge to hands-on vaccination practices

The GARC Philippines office provided technical input and materials for a field training program for an all-female vet student association, including instruction in the Rabies Educator Certificate (REC) and professional guidance during a rabies vaccination campaign.