Lanna Dog Welfare team

Lanna Dog Welfare activities include:
Training for rabies vaccination and animal welfare handling for livestock volunteers from the villages of Sobtia, Suthep, and Muanglen sub-districts. The training included basic information and training in animal welfare including topics such as how to approach animals safely, the management and storage of rabies vaccines, practicing injection technique on artificial skin. This was followed up with in-house visits to practice vaccinating efficiently.

Animal welfare and handling training for Buddhist monks was developed in accordance with Lanna Dog’s experience of working with various temples in Chiang Mai. It was conducted as follows: practicing approaching, handling and wound management on dummies, administering medication and record keeping, animal health and diet and rabies vaccination. 

Stray dog management with the 33rd Military Circle - the training and instructions for soldiers included: dog behavior, dog catching methods - including the pros and cons of each method, anesthesia and monitoring of dogs, wound management, nursing care and rabies vaccination. 

Developed a field sterilization program and made it instrumental in humane dog population control and animal welfare education. The field sterilization program comprises several organizations, including veterinary faculty staff and students, livestock and animal husbandry vets, livestock volunteers and local community staff. Lanna Dog Welfare sterilized a total of about 8000 cats and dogs in Chiang Mai.

Animal real time database management. The animal real time database program was established by Lanna Dog Welfare, and was developed to suit their Chiang Mai Model. They have started in 4 districts and plan to introduce the model to others.

Model for capturing forest stray dogs in a national conservation area. A humane catching method, such as a wire net pen, was set up at the edge of the Mae Kuang Dam Forest. Dogs were conditioned to be familiar with the pen by feeding them in it and the pen was closed in order to catch the dogs. Different packs of dogs were captured and 104 of them were neutered, vaccinated against rabies and then returned to their area.

Evaluation of rabies vaccination in 4 study areas. Dog sera were collected from 4 sub-districts (Sobtia, Nongjom, Nongpakrang, and Nonghoi sub-districts) and protective anti rabies antibodies were determined at 3 and 12 months post rabies vaccination in cooperation with the national institute of infectious diseases control, Japan. The outcome was used for further planning, such as rabies vaccination training.

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Humane doghandling and catching training at the military camps
Mong training on animal Welfare at Lanna Dog humane education center