Rabies Elimination Progress

Latest SARE score: 3.5 (2019)
In-country SARE assessment done: Yes
(2017 and 2019)

The Stepwise Approach towards Rabies Elimination (SARE) is a practical planning, monitoring and evaluation tool to guide, develop and refine rabies control programmes. It provides measurable steps, designed as a logical flow of activities, to progress from Stage 0 to Stage 5, in efforts towards freedom from dog-transmitted rabies.

A SARE score of 3.5 out of 5 signifies that the country is nearing freedom from dog-mediated human rabies, with a concurrent decline in animal rabies cases.


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2019: In-country SARE assessment
In-country SARE assessment Bhutan 2019.xlsm
2018: SARE assessment at an ARACON meeting
SARE assessment Bhutan ARACON 2018.xlsm
2017: In-country SARE assessment
In-country SARE assessment Bhutan 2017.xlsm

Epidemiological Data

This country is not currently using the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin.

In-country Capacity Building

March 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

Network / Workshop participation:

Attended the inaugural Asian Rabies Control Network (ARACON) meeting (more information)