Come together and let us defeat rabies!

World Rabies Day is almost here! On September 28, we will be celebrating the 16th World Rabies Day!

World Rabies Day 2022 theme: "Rabies: One Health, Zero Deaths"

This year’s theme is “One Health, Zero Deaths”. It is a reminder to all of us that if we stand united, we can defeat this dreadful disease. Let us celebrate this year’s World Rabies Day by doing just that! By working together, we can reach Zero by 30 and finally put an end to human deaths caused by canine rabies.

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This year’s World Rabies Day events can be any rabies elimination activity! It could be a vaccination campaign, an education initiative, or a dog population management campaign - any rabies event you organized with people in your community or with international or government partners. Share your experience and the importance of One Health with people all over the world by registering your event. Inspire others to do the same, and show that by working together, rabies elimination is possible!

See some examples of World Rabies Day events that have already been registered this year and make sure to add yours to the map! You can also check out our available toolkits and resources to help you prepare your event.

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We are also excited to announce that the World Rabies Day Awards are here!

World Rabies Day awards 2021

Get a chance to win a prize to further support your rabies activities and be recognized by the global rabies community. Or maybe you know someone else – an individual, a clinic, a shelter, or an organization – who has done exemplary work on rabies prevention and control? Nominate someone now!

Together with Boehringer Ingelheim, we will be awarding the selected rabies champions a USD 1,500 cash prize and another USD 1,500 worth of in kind-support from GARC for a total value of USD 3,000!

The categories for the awards are Veterinary Clinic champion, Vaccination champion, Education champion, and Animal Welfare champion, with one awardee chosen for each category. This is also an excellent chance to showcase the great work being done by rabies champions and to share their work with a global audience through our website and social media.

Click here to read about the awardees from last year. Get inspired with their stories and the work that they are doing to help end rabies.

The award nominations close on Sunday September 18, so hurry and submit your nominations!

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Article contributed by: Chari Amparo (GARC)