Documenting rabies control in communities

GARC’s collaboration with students of students from the College of Development Communication at the University of the Philippines Los Baños has resulted in a series of short documentary films that explore aspects of animal bite treatment and rabies control in communities in the Philippines. Filming aspects of the Communities Against Rabies Exposure (CARE) projects in Ilocos Norte and Sorsogon the students were able to vividly capture insights into how rabies impacts individuals and how whole communities come together to support control efforts.

The short video “Barangay Health Worker” describes the work of this group of volunteers in Sorsogon. The program has found that Barangay Health Workers can provide a vital link between a rabies control program and their communities, helping to support both human and animal health prevention efforts.

GARC’s work in elementary schools in Sorsogon is featured in the video “Rabies Education in Elementary Schools”, shows how teachers are arming children with the knowledge to prevent rabies deaths, and how this can spreading from children  to their parents.

Panaghoy sa Bulan” (“Mourning in Bulan”) explores the common practice of consulting a tandok (traditional healer) for dog bite treatment, and how one mother learned that this alone cannot prevent fatal rabies cases. Importantly, it describes ongoing efforts to encourage tandoks to also advise bite victims to seek modern medical care.

The variety of methods were used to communicate rabies control messages  to all sectors of the community in Ilocos Norte, from preschool children to the general public, are presented in the videos “Community Empowerment Through Rabies Education” and "Education for a Rabies free Ilocos Norte". 

Finally an overview of many of those who have contributed to the achievement of a Rabies-Free Ilocos Norte are presented in the video "Panagtutnos (Accord) - Journey to a rabies-free Ilocos Norte".

We invite you to watch these short 3 to 6 minute videos on the GARC YouTube channel, and express our sincere appreciation for the efforts of these students in producing them.