End Rabies Now: Stronger and better through partnership!


Recently the End Rabies Now campaign underwent some changes to better suit the needs of the global rabies community. While the original goal was to set the date of “Zero by 30”, that date has been accepted by the global community and the End Rabies Now campaign has been revised to focus on celebrating the efforts of individuals, local groups, and champions within their own communities. In fact, the End Rabies Now campaign is already functioning as a place that helps to highlight the fantastic work that is being done by these champions and groups all around the world.   

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in any rabies elimination effort is the need for sustainability and collaboration. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the support of Biogénesis Bagó – a biotechnology company focused on animal health and animal rabies vaccine manufacturer based in Latin America – as the proud supporters of the re-envisioned End Rabies Now campaign. We would like to welcome them to the massive group of supporters, pledges and followers who are already part of the End Rabies Now campaign.

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Together with our partners and the dedicated professionals at Biogénesis Bagó, we aim to expand our reach to more local groups and organizations and support their advocacy and awareness efforts. We have already seen growing success on the ERN platform, with more than 10,000 individual pledges to End Rabies Now! Furthermore, the #FORCE wall has reached 100 selfies of people sharing their experiences and wonderful motivational quotes and messages about rabies elimination.

These successes are, however, only the start and by partnering with Biogénesis Bagó, we will be able to expand our reach and ensure that more local champions, local organizations, and community-led interventions are recognized and celebrated for the fantastic work that is being done by each and every person involved to End Rabies Now!

You can join us to on our journey to End Rabies Now:


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Article contributed by: Dr Terence Scott, GARC.