Seven ways the GARC Education Platform can benefit your work

Rabies Educator Certificate (REC) training in the Philippines. Photo: GARC

The GARC Education Platform (GEP), a growing set of free online courses for people who are implementing rabies prevention and control programmes, is being used by governments, organisations and individuals across the world.

Here are seven ways in which the GEP can make your work easier and more effective:

1) Learn how to increase awareness in your community about rabies prevention and access to vaccines. Sign up for a Rabies Educator Certificate (REC) course.

2) Teach children how to behave around dogs and what to do if bitten. Read the stories of REC-trained veterinary students in South Africa who have been going into schools across the country.

3) Train staff and volunteers to become confident and knowledgeable advocates for rabies prevention. Learn how agriculture and health officers, village health workers and teachers were trained to educate the community.

GARC Education Platform (GEP) course offerings

4) Train people to become the focal points for rabies prevention in their own communities. Register for a Community Coordinator for Rabies Certificate course.

5) Train animal health professionals to safely, effectively and humanely vaccinate dogs. Learn how the Animal Handling and Vaccination Certificate was used to run effective vaccination campaigns in Ethiopia

6) Create a community-focused generation of professionals who will take the knowledge of rabies prevention into their future careers and personal lives. See how the Philippines integrated the REC into the veterinary curriculum and community engagement.

7) Effectively treat humans who have been potentially exposed to rabies–if you are a human health professional, or share this knowledge with your doctors, nurses and health workers. Learn about the Rabies Healthcare Certificate consisting of the latest WHO guidelines on providing rabies pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis,

Learn more about the courses available and register for a course today. Give the gift of knowledge to your staff, volunteers and community to reach the goal of elimination of rabies deaths by 2030.