A special thanks to Dr Brigitte Dunais

One of our amazing volunteers that we would like to thank in this special edition newsletter is Dr Brigitte Dunais. Brigitte has been assisting GARC for several years by helping translate contents generated, into French. She has selflessly dedicated her time and expertise to contribute to our efforts to eliminate rabies and save lives, while she also simultaneously volunteers for various other causes in her free time too.

Dr Brigitte Dunais. One of our dedicated volunteers

From all of us at GARC, as well as all the people who have benefitted from reading the translated materials, we would like to say a big “Thank you” to Brigitte.

Below is a special message from Brigitte, sharing her inspiration and why she has dedicated so much of her time to rabies elimination. 

“Translating for GARC has been an enriching, satisfying experience. When I was first asked whether I would do this, I immediately agreed. I had at least one good reason to do it. Back in Brazil where I was living in the early 50’s, at the age of two, I was bitten by a rabid dog, requiring a month’s course of life saving vaccine delivered daily. I have always considered I owed my life to Louis Pasteur, who made the first rabies vaccine, so rabies has always been a major issue for me.

Along with Asia, Africa has the highest rate of dog-mediated rabies, and there are over 500,000 French-speaking Africans who can benefit from GARC’s activities. It is therefore very important for them to have access to information they can understand, to become aware of the risk of rabies, and to find out how to avoid it and eliminate it altogether. This is why I am happy to contribute by providing them with that information in French. It is also an enriching activity as it is an opportunity to learn more about rabies, about all the work being done by GARC and its partners, and to discover how research is driving progress, both on the scientific and social fronts.” 


Article contributed by the GARC team and Dr Brigitte Dunais