Start spreading facts, not fear!

World Rabies Day 2021 is almost here! In less than a month, we will be celebrating the 15th World Rabies Day on September 28.

World Rabies Day 2021. Rabies: Facts, Not Fear. GARC.

With the theme “Rabies: Facts, not Fear”, everyone is invited to join the celebration by promoting facts about rabies and at the same time, dispelling any myths and misconceptions about this fatal disease. The proliferation of fake news hampers rabies elimination efforts in our communities. Raising awareness about rabies facts is the only way to beat fake news.

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Fake news also leads to misplaced fear about rabies. Vaccine hesitancy and misconceptions about vaccination are still prevalent and should be dismissed. This WRD, let us highlight the benefits of vaccinating animals against rabies and the importance of receiving post-exposure prophylaxis for people possibly exposed to rabies. Armed with accurate rabies facts, we can alleviate the fears in our communities.

For more rabies facts, please visit GARC Rabies FAQs.

Register your World Rabies Day 2021 events and share how you will promote rabies facts and dispel the fears and fake news. Check out our available toolkits and resources to help you prepare your event.

Spread rabies facts in various social media platforms. We have a ready to download social media toolkit that you can easily post in your social media accounts to support the World Rabies Day. Together, let us start spreading facts about rabies and fight against fake news and fear!

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World Rabies Day awards 2021

World Rabies Day Awards

The nomination for World Rabies Day Awards 2021 is now open! This year’s Awards is looking for individuals who work with or for local NGOs or governments that have sustainable rabies prevention programs. Read more about the WRD Awards.

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