A Filipino Experience to Remember

The Bohol Rabies Project recently held an international conference to share their experiences in the Philippines. Jeanna Giese, a guest speaker, shares her impressions and memories of her visit

GARC directors Receive Awards

Ray Butcher, a board member of the Alliance, and Deborah Briggs, executive director, have been recognized by international organizations for their work in animal welfare and rabies control.

GARC Exec Director begins Huffington Post blog

Deborah Briggs, GARCs executive director and one of the worlds leading authorities on rabies and rabies prevention, posted her first entry on the UK edition of the Huffington Post this week.

Bohol conference gets international media attention

Bohol is an island in the Philippines. It is a place of white beaches, turquoise seas, and the extraordinary "Chocolate Hills". It is home to about 1.2 million people. And last week, it was host of The International Conference on Rabies Prevention.

WRD Webinar - a rare opportunity

The World Rabies Day Webinar brings together the worlds leading authorities in rabies research, "One Health" advocates, doctors, veterinarians, students and World Rabies Day event planners.

New teaching materials for WRD

GARC has commissioned new teaching materials for World Rabies Day from educational consultant Valeria Fontanals.

GARC's new website now live

Following months of planning and work, we are delighted to present our new website.

Jeanna Giese to attend conference

The first known rabies survivor to attend The International Meeting for Rabies Prevention and Elimination, in Bohol in July