World Rabies Day 2023 banner

We love sharing – here is the World Rabies Day theme for 2023, shared with you!

Rabies is an excellent example of why One Health is a reality that needs to be achieved. This year, World Rabies Day uses its theme to highlight the need for collaboration, equality, and the strengthening of health systems across the globe to help End Rabies Now.
PARACON 2023: Surveillance tools training workshop

PARACON 2023: enabling governments to eliminate rabies with the help of data.

The latest Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON) workshop, jointly organized by GARC and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) took place in Ghana in March. Read more about the workshop activities below!
GARC's Education Initiative Tracker (EIT)

Tricky tracking of education now solved!

GARC’s latest surveillance tool is here to help you track the impact of your education initiatives. The EIT tool will help you to better demonstrate and showcase the reach and impact of the education work you do in communities. Like all our tools, it’s free and easy to use too!
One Health icon by GARC

GARC’s networks lead the way for all One Health networks.

A recent scientific publication has shown that GARC’s regional rabies control networks set the example for all One Health networks globally – including those beyond rabies. Read how our networks focus on all the essential aspects of One Health, including sustainability and are both country-centric and inclusive.
the reach of GARC's REC course.

The revised REC: more knowledge means more power!

To ensure that people are empowered with the most relevant life-saving information about rabies and its prevention, GARC has recently revised and updated the foundational course on the GARC Education Platform – the Rabies Educator Certificate (REC).
Man and dogs in community

Taking action: Communities driving rabies elimination

The Global Strategic Plan, national strategies and international and regional networks and collaborations. These are the things you likely hear about daily in the rabies world. But what about the work being done to implement these things? What is happening on the ground, in the communities, and what is GARC doing to make a difference?
Smiling vet and dog

Tomorrows vets become rabies champions.

This year’s call to action is one of education and hope for more lives saved as the IVSA has partnered with GARC to build a global network of future animal health professionals who are all rabies champions.
Global health

Perspective: Rabies and global health trends

You may have heard about One Health, Pandemic prevention, and the need to strengthen animal health systems, but how does rabies fit these trends? How can one disease contribute to the elimination of so many other diseases and help to improve our global health?
TNVR dog in street.

Rabies under surveillance in Algeria

An article submitted by those working on the ground against rabies in Algeria and how important the use of surveillance tools has been for them and their work to end rabies.
Professor Louis Nel, Executive Director, GARC

Recent progress drives a new vision for GARC in the year ahead.

Professor Louis Nel shares the vision for GARC as we move into 2023, with a particular focus on community-led organizations and a new way to unite different partners working within communities.