Rabies Elimination Progress

Latest SARE score: 2.5 (2018)
In-country SARE assessment done: No

The Stepwise Approach towards Rabies Elimination (SARE) is a practical planning, monitoring and evaluation tool to guide, develop and refine rabies control programmes. It provides measurable steps, designed as a logical flow of activities, to progress from Stage 0 to Stage 5, in efforts towards freedom from dog-transmitted rabies.

A SARE score of 2.5 out of 5 signifies a country where a national rabies control programme being implemented nationwide, with clear inter-sectoral collaboration.


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2018: SARE assessment at an ARACON meeting
SARE assessment Indonesia ARACON 2018.xlsm

Epidemiological Data

This country is not currently using the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin.

In-country Capacity Building

March 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

Attended the inaugural Asian Rabies Control Network meeting (more information)

October 2016
Nias Island

40 medical and veterinary personnel trained on Integrated Bite Case Management (IBCM)

September 2016
Nias Island

Refresher course for dog vaccinators 

July 2014
Nias Island

Animal Sample collection training on laboratory specimen collection,handling, storage and transport.

May 2014
Nias Island

Training of 218 volunteer dog vaccinators.

April 2014
Medan, North Sumatra

Animal health personnel from different districts of Nias Island were trained as trainers for humane dog catching, handling and vaccinating. Held in collaboration with FAO Indonesia. 

GARC’s partnership with the government of Nias Island ran from September 2013 to December 2016 through the Communities Against Rabies Exposure (CARE) Project