Newsletter Issue 74

June, 2022

Welcome to the June edition of the GARC newsletter for 2022! This newsletter shares some amazing progress from champions around the world who are making a difference in their communities - a perfect way to help us prepare for World Rabies Day 2022 and especially for the World Rabies Day award nominations which open soon! Get all the details inside!

GARC News Articles

World Rabies Day 2022 theme banner

World Rabies Day 2022 brings #1Health4Rabies

Find out about World Rabies Day and the Awards this year, as well as what we do at GARC and what you can do from wherever you are!
GARC surveillance tool training, DRC

Local champion drives sustainable rabies surveillance

Surveillance is critical to achieving rabies elimination, but it is not always easy to implement effectively. A champion from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has taken it upon himself to implement a comprehensive surveillance system in the Kongo-Central province using the GARC surveillance tools. Read about how he has championed efforts to take the DRC closer to rabies elimination.
Dog vaccinated during rabies awareness month, Philippines.

One Health in action: Rabies elimination efforts in the Philippines

One Health is on everyone’s minds and features heavily on the global agenda. However, the biggest challenge still lies with how to operationalize One Health – how can we turn this concept into something that is actionable? Rabies provides the ideal scenario to operationalize One Health. Read about the One Health activities in the Philippines from the National Rabies Awareness Month and how One Health is so important for rabies elimination.
Quick reference wound categorization poster by GARC

Quick reference posters for rabies

When it comes to rabies, having the correct information can be lifesaving. Finding the right information at the right time can, however, be difficult. GARC has created a series of quick reference posters to help you to always have access to the most vital information in an easily understandable and convenient way. Find out more inside!