Newsletter Issue 75

August, 2022

This issue is dominated by exciting stories from our partners who are using our tools to help drive their rabies elimination efforts. We also prepare for World Rabies Day and give an exciting update from a World Rabies Day awards awardee from last year!  

GARC News Articles

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers!

Building Community through Giving

In the lead up to World Rabies Day, everyone is so busy that we sometimes forget to say ‘thank you’ to all those who help. While they may not be nominated for the World Rabies Day Awards, our volunteers ensure that our work reaches a much wider audience by utilizing their skills and donating a priceless asset: their time.
The Big Fix team uses the GARC app to track rabies vaccinations.

The BIG FIX Uganda and the impact of being a World Rabies Day 2021 awardee

We get a first-hand account from the BIG FIX Uganda about the impact that being a World Rabies Day awardee in 2021 has had on their work. You will find all the reasons that you should nominate yourself for this year’s World Rabies Day awards inside!
Boehringer Ingelheim team vaccinates dogs and cats in Indonesia

Boehringer Ingelheim and GARC boost rabies elimination efforts in Asia

Working together is essential to achieving rabies elimination. Boehringer Ingelheim and GARC partner with local community stakeholders to boost rabies elimination efforts in 4 Asian countries, helping to drive us towards Zero by 30. Read more inside!
Namibia IBCM workshop participants using the GARC Surveillance tools during a simulation exercise

Namibia prepares for IBCM (Integrated Bite Case Management)

The Namibian government recently held a workshop to plan how future outbreak responses will take place in the country. Learn more about the workshop and Namibia’s plans to implement a multi-sectoral Integrated Bite Case management program with the support of GARC and other partners!
World Rabies Day 2022 theme banner

Come together and let us defeat rabies!

This year’s theme is “One Health, Zero Deaths”. It is a reminder to all of us that if we stand united, we can defeat this dreadful disease. Let us celebrate this year’s World Rabies Day by doing just that! By working together, we can reach Zero by 30 and finally put an end to human deaths caused by canine rabies.