A unique opportunity to celebrate your heroes!

WRD Awards 2019 banner

The annual World Rabies Day Awards recognized Community Rabies Champions from across the world. The 2019 Awards provided even more opportunities to share the stories of people and organisations to prevent rabies in their communities.

Watch the video of shortlisted awardees online here

The World Rabies Day 2019 Awardees are:

Global-Individual: Dr. Abdul-Jalil Mohammadzai (Afghanistan)

Global-Student Group: Nepal Veterinary Students' Association, Rampur (Nepal)

Regional-ARACON: Dharamsala Animal Rescue (India)

Regional-PARACON: Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (Eswatini)

Regional-MERACON: SFT Animal Sanctuary (Morocco)

Regional-Americas: Global Alliance for Animals and People (Chile)


What are the benefits of a World Rabies Day Award? 

  • Promote your work to a much wider audience across the world and gain recognition and potential support
  • An award of USD 1,200 or equivalent in kind
  • A plaque and certificate for awardees
  • Certificates for all shortlisted nominees
  • All nominees will get a downloadable certificate of nomination on request

Global categories:

  • Individuals from all sectors
  • Student groups

We’d particularly like to hear about people who are living and working in the community where they are raising awareness about the disease.

Regional categories:

(PARACON – sub-Saharan Africa, ARACON - Asia, MERACON – Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North Africa, Americas) - for local NGOs and governments that have built sustainable community programmes with a focus on rabies prevention

We recognise the amazing work done by international and national NGOs, academics and the vaccine sector towards eliminating rabies. However, as the Awards provide a chance for smaller, relatively unknown local champions to share their stories with the rest of the rabies prevention world, this is a great chance to send in a nomination for local partners and other stakeholders.


The World Rabies Day Awards are brought to you by MSD Animal Health and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.