World Rabies Day 2022 theme banner

The World Rabies Day 2022 theme is here!

The long-anticipated moment is upon us! Look inside to find out what this year’s World Rabies Day theme is and how you can get involved, not only on World Rabies Day, but throughout the whole year. Don’t wait, look inside!
Biting dog on grass

Easily track bite cases with GARCs latest mobile app feature

Make tracking bite cases in the community easy by collecting essential data with the GARC mobile phone app’s latest feature. You can now record bite cases in the field to identify high-risk areas and plan your rabies programs. Add this as another feature of the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin and the GARC app for your mobile phone.
Owner holds dog while it is vaccinated against rabies, Philippines.

Boehringer Ingelheim and GARC build momentum across Asia in the fight against rabies

Planning a mass dog vaccination campaign can be challenging. There are many factors to consider before starting, and making data driven decisions can be key to saving money and making your campaign more effective. GARC partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim to deliver a planning workshop for BI country teams across 4 Asian countries, to empower the teams to deliver effective and efficient vaccination campaigns to come. Learn more inside!
Rabies vaccination teams track vaccination with the GARC app

Namibia drives rabies elimination through data-driven decisions.

The Namibian government’s rabies vaccination program has taken additional steps to ensure that it relies on more informative and accurate data-driven decisions. See how data is helping them to progress towards the control and elimination of rabies. Read more inside!
Workshop planning

Two more African countries align themselves with the Global Strategic Plan

The year has gotten off to a strong start as we continue to work towards the Zero by 30 goal. Two more African countries – Burkina Faso and Nigeria – have completed SARE workshops, developed a work plan and are now on the internationally recognized path to rabies elimination. Read more inside!
GARC Education Platform's global reach

10,000 REC graduates educate millions globally!

At the end of 2021, we celebrated a milestone when the 10,000th person graduated the Rabies Educator Certificate course. Find out how this life-saving information has reached millions of people around the world and hear from graduates about their experiences.
A theme a month on GARC's social media!

A theme a month - to help End Rabies Now!

Our message is an important one, so we have decided to present it each month in a different light! GARC is focusing each month’s social media on a specific rabies-related topic so join us in sharing the messages each month and help End Rabies Now. Watch the teaser video inside!
RAIDER trainees prepare a sample for transport. GARC RAIDER toolkit

RAIDER: Training Central African experts to improve field surveillance in remote areas

The heroics of adventurers like Indiana Jones has nothing on the heroics of the field staff and rabies professionals working to eliminate rabies. Our RAIDER toolkit and recent diagnostic training shows how the RAIDER can make a difference in Central and West Africa.
Boy hugging dog. #LovingDogsIsGlobal

You have helped us protect that special bond!

This Valentine’s Day you chose to show your love by donating to help us protect the special bond between people and dogs, because you too know that #LovingDogsIsGlobal and together we can save lives if we #EndRabiesNow.