World Rabies Day 2021. Rabies: Facts, not Fear

Bigger and better. The World Rabies Day awards for 2021

The World Rabies Day awards are here again, and this is your chance to shine! This year, Boehringer-Ingelheim are proudly supporting the awards and with the new supporter comes a host of exciting changes – including new categories and bigger prizes!
End Rabies Now campaign badge

End Rabies Now: Stronger and better through partnership!

The End Rabies Now campaign is now stronger and better than ever, thanks to our latest partnership with Biogénesis Bagó who have committed to support the campaign. With this partnership, we will be able to celebrate more stories and champions from around the world – in so doing, recognizing their fantastic efforts to eliminate rabies.
End Rabies Now campaign

End Rabies Now: a call to action for a new vision.

The initial goal of the End Rabies Now (ERN) campaign was a resounding success – we set a globally agreed upon goal and developed an endorsed global strategic plan for the elimination of dog-transmitted human rabies by 2030. Now it is time to establish a new vision for ERN. We are excited to announce a fresh new vision for ERN, as a platform focused on uniting and promoting civil society.
Malnourished street dogs roam the streets of Zanzibar.

An impossible choice, prevented through unwavering generosity.

Families should never be faced with impossible decisions about which child should receive a life-saving vaccine and which one should inevitably die from rabies – a completely preventable disease. Thanks to an incredibly generous donation from a group of partners from a law firm in Luxembourg – who donated in their personal capacity – we can continue our mission to prevent families from ever making these impossible choices, and from suffering the tragedy of a loved one dying from rabies.
Vaccination team is briefed by the project coordinator.

More than 4 500 animals vaccinated and tracked by GARC’s partners, including the FAO and VSF-G, using the GARC app in East Africa.

GARC not only supports national governments, but also focuses on helping civil society play their part in rabies elimination efforts. We provide the GARC App to our partners, including NGOs and other organizations, free of charge – ensuring that every vaccinated dog can be tracked and mapped in real time. In Tanzania and Kenya our partners vaccinated and tracked more than 4 500 animals using the GARC app in the field.
Owner holds dog while it is vaccinated against rabies. Philippines.

Empowering animal health professionals to contribute to rabies elimination efforts to the best of their abilities.

To ensure that animal health professionals are equipped with the latest and most relevant information regarding rabies vaccination, GARC has recently updated and revised the Animal Handling and Vaccination Certificate (AVC) course. For those people who play a role during dog vaccination campaigns, and who have not yet undertaken the course, now is the perfect opportunity.
Ewaso Lions participants are trained using the offline Rabies Educator Certificate course from GARC.

Dogs, people, and even lions saved from rabies through education and vaccination: the story of Ewaso Lions.

By combining mass dog vaccination and community and professional training with the GARC Education Platform (GEP) courses, Ewaso Lions has worked with local government officials to reduce human-animal conflict, and also to protect wild carnivores like lions from the dangers of rabies. Medical, veterinary, and environmental professionals were trained using the GEP certificate courses to better understand rabies and learn how to eliminate the disease effectively.
World Rabies Day 2021. Rabies: Facts, not Fear. GARC

World Rabies Day 2021 theme

We are excited to announce the theme for the 15th World Rabies Day. Find out what the theme is, get some ideas about what you can do to celebrate World Rabies Day with us, and how you can make a difference. World Rabies Day has been designed for everyone, so join us this World Rabies Day as we progress towards Zero By 30. Get involved in any way that you can!
Rabies champion educating community in Zimbabwe. GARC

Empowering certified rabies graduates to become champions in their own communities.

To ensure that you are equipped with the latest and most relevant information, GARC has recently updated and revised the Community Coordinator for Rabies Certificate (CCC) course. For those of you who have not yet undertaken the course, now is the perfect time to empower yourself to be a rabies champion in your community.
Louis Nel, Executive Director of GARC opens the MERACON returning to rabies webinar in 2021.

Returning to rabies elimination: the MERACON network takes off.

Considering the global COVID-19 outbreak, rabies control and elimination activities have, understandably, been less of a priority in most countries. However, GARC aimed to re-invigorate interest in rabies elimination in countries included in the MERACON network. Read about MERACON and about the first MERACON meeting.