Vaccinated dog on beach with collar

Highlighting the benefits of collars given to vaccinated dogs in Zanzibar.

There are many challenges and reasons why people may not bring their dogs for rabies vaccination. GARC and its partners have found that using dog collars offered a solution to many of these challenges in Zanzibar with our latest scientific study. Read more inside.
GARC App with dogs in background

Surveillance tools that suit your needs: Latest updates to the GARC app and tools

As we continue to roll out the suite of surveillance tools that we offer as part of the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin with the GARC app, we continue to engage and better understand the needs of the stakeholders using these tools. With these insights, GARC has made several new updates to the GARC App and the different tools to better suit your needs.
Communities Against Rabies Initiative by GARC and partners.

First community health workers for dogs to be trained as part of new initiative to eliminate rabies

The Communities Against Rabies campaign will train local health workers, certify and support rabies centers of excellence, and build partnerships for like-minded organizations.
Thank you to our volunteers!

Volunteers: a win-win situation!

Volunteering can benefit the volunteer in many ways, while also providing an invaluable service to charities, local communities, and individuals in need of help. Read about our amazing volunteers and the opportunities available to you.
Wound care when bitten. GARC, Spanish

Empowering Spanish speaking rabies champions!

With more than 13,000 certified rabies educators already educating communities around the world, life-saving information about rabies elimination is being shared daily. But what if someone is unable to share these messages because of a language barrier? To address this, the GARC Education Platform now has more courses available in Spanish.
IVSA India and GARC webinar on One Health and rabies.

Rabies and Operationalizing One Health webinar – A Resounding Success!

The successful webinar on "Rabies and Operationalizing One Health" showcased the fruitful collaboration between GARC and IVSA India, uniting experts and students to drive effective rabies control strategies and highlighting how One Health can truly be operationalized through rabies elimination efforts.
Downloadable resources section on the GARC website

Revamped GARC Website: Easier Navigation towards Rabies Elimination

The GARC website has made exciting updates to the ‘Resources’ and ‘Tools’ sections to make valuable information more accessible to everyone involved in the fight against rabies. These updates aim to serve your needs better and enhance collaboration towards rabies elimination.
World Rabies Day 2023 banner

We love sharing – here is the World Rabies Day theme for 2023, shared with you!

Rabies is an excellent example of why One Health is a reality that needs to be achieved. This year, World Rabies Day uses its theme to highlight the need for collaboration, equality, and the strengthening of health systems across the globe to help End Rabies Now.
PARACON 2023: Surveillance tools training workshop

PARACON 2023: enabling governments to eliminate rabies with the help of data.

The latest Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON) workshop, jointly organized by GARC and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) took place in Ghana in March. Read more about the workshop activities below!
GARC's Education Initiative Tracker (EIT)

Tricky tracking of education now solved!

GARC’s latest surveillance tool is here to help you track the impact of your education initiatives. The EIT tool will help you to better demonstrate and showcase the reach and impact of the education work you do in communities. Like all our tools, it’s free and easy to use too!