Professor Louis Nel, Executive Director of GARC, sits with his two dogs.

Concluding the year 2020, strange as it was – a message from our Executive Director.

Our Executive Director, Professor Louis Nel, gives his personal insight into 2020, the achievements that we have made, and what we can learn from a strange and challenging year. His words give hope that we will always continue to progress our efforts to reach our goal of rabies elimination, no matter the challenge – anything is possible if we continue to work together as a united community against rabies.
#3ToBeFree campaign by GARC to raise money for rabies elimination in Zanzibar.

#3ToBeFree campaign

It takes just three to be free from rabies. Three dollars, three friends supporting us. With your support, we can help vaccinate three hundred and thirty-three dogs in 6 Shehias/towns (3x2). Help prevent a person from dying every 9 minutes (3x3) from rabies, by supporting our campaign. Our work in Zanzibar is close to completion - will you help us make the island rabies-free? For just $3 this festive season, you can help save the life of a dog and protect people in local communities.
Dr Sarah Jayme presents during World Rabies Day celebration for GARC.

Farewell and thank you to Dr Sarah Jayme

It is with heavy hearts that we bid one of our team members farewell, after 7 years of dedicated service. We would like to thank Dr Sarah Jayme for her many years of work and her efforts to help drive GARC’s mission to achieving rabies elimination. We wish her all the best. Read about Sarah and her contributions over the years inside.
Gabon SARE workshop facilitated by GARC and the FAO and opened by the Minister of Agriculture.

A world first for rabies elimination: Gabon strides towards Zero by 30.

A world first has just taken place in the central African country of Gabon. Stakeholders from Gabon came together in a truly One Health manner and have completed the first ever online SARE workshop. In addition to hosting such a revolutionary event, Gabon has made significant progress in rabies elimination efforts, as demonstrated by the result obtained in the SARE evaluation.
I vaccinate my pet against rabies photo collage, World Rabies Day 2020

World Rabies Day shines again!

The GARC team would like to thank you – as a member of the global rabies community – for helping make World Rabies Day 2020 such a success. The results have blown us away, with participation records being broken. You have truly shown the power of collaboration to help end rabies. Thank you!
A certified rabies educator using the GARC REC course educates children about rabies using their knowledge.

Health workers become certified rabies educators and reach more communities, despite lockdown.

With travel restrictions in place, health workers at the Batangas Medical Center in the Philippines were unable to continue their community education and awareness initiatives. But, after completing the Rabies Educator Certificate from GARC, the staff used the GARC Education platform and resources to educate communities and ensure that more people knew how to prevent rabies.
Community member holds his dog while it receives rabies vaccination.

Building community trust, fostering responsible dog owners, and vaccinating against rabies in Namibia’s poorest communities.

By building trust in their community, the Have-a-Heart Foundation has helped to build better relationships between owners and their dogs in some of the poorest communities in Namibia. Owners willingly bring their animals for rabies vaccination and sterilization, while the children are educated about rabies and bite prevention, all using some of GARC’s education resources.
Children's storybook reading about the importance of vaccinating your dog against rabies with Michelle Agas reading GARC's book.

Online Storytelling reaches 80,000 children on World Rabies Day 2020

Using an online streaming event for their World Rabies Day celebrations, storyteller Michelle Agas read the newest story from the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) called “Kakabakaba sa Bakuna” (I’m Afraid of Vaccination), which reached more than 80,000 children in the Philippines. The story teaches children about the importance of vaccination against rabies, making their vaccinated pets into superheroes.
Dr Akanbi educating people about rabies after completing the GARC education platform.

A sad reminder from Nigeria: putting rabies education into perspective

After witnessing the tragic deaths of two children from rabies, Dr Akanbi - a Nigerian veterinarian - used the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) Education Platform courses and education resources to help her drive rabies elimination efforts in Nigeria by educating children and raising awareness.
Rabies Saviors appeal, health workers provide PEP to rabies bite victim.

Rabies Saviors Appeal: A huge thank you to our supporters!

We would like to thank all of the supporters of GARC’s "Rabies Saviors" appeal. With your support, we donated personal protective equipment to health centers and the veterinary office of Muntinlupa City, ensuring that health workers are able to continue to provide treatment to bite victims and people who may have been exposed to rabies. Thank you!